Friday, May 23, 2008

hi forrest~

jasmine is tigger's sister. she lives downstairs and tigger takes elevator down to see her
apex of the building 
i am not that same person anymore. i've moved on...


  1. seek and u will find.....

    hey whoever reads this, let's sssssssshhhhhhhhh be like davinci and play a cosmic joke on my tagged friends....they don't know i have bi polar disorder, and i am not going to tell them. i am testing to see if this is real and that this video will go viral...hehheheehehehhehe.....sssssssshhhhhhh!!!! and if this is real, please do not bombard me with friend requests..just read my posts on linked and facebook....hehehehhe i want to see how fast my tagged friends get a clue.....i feel like snidley whiplash with the sneeky hehehe hide behind my hands and tee hee heee!!!!!!!!! see how long they get a clue!!!!!!!!!

  2. no the dog that went hehehehehehhehe i forget his name hahahahaha