Wednesday, May 7, 2008

How To Be Bipolar In LA

WELL FINALLY !!!!!!!!! whew u made it. it was a lot of work for me....if u read my blog backwards, i realized, u can see how i used creativity and hard work to make myself feel better and bring myself up out of depression.........i think i am part psychic or something....u can call it the way u want to....i have decided that judging others is not my job nor should it be others.....i tried to explain that to my ill friends u have to move on and leave all the shit that drove u crazy behind has been a hard road for me....and i know i am not the greatest writer in  the world or the greatest artist...i can't explain how i feel  still stunted i haven't reached higher yet to fully grasp what it is i am supposed to be... i will try to learn mathematics if i can find someone that is patient is like greek  to makes my head hurt and i always get the calculations wrong.....i want to be einstein isaac newton smart.....cuz why everyone?????????

if mj could turn prisoners around with his songs, he has done a lot....

that's right! i have a big braaaaaaaaaaaaainnnnnnnnn! ahhahahahhahahah but u have to keep a sense of humor about it.....peace out, world!


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    1. read it again my dear! and get back to me if this is real. this is hard to keep up with leave me a secret message somehow on fb

  2. What an insightful look at the challenges faced by many in our town. Thank you for taking your private perspective and moments to present a comprehensive picture of struggle and even hope. How much more can be discovered of strength, courage, solutions, friendship. Expect a miracle, the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Peace and Blessings - MM

  3. Thank you MM, for your kind comments! It's nice to know that there are people out there that care!

  4. What an interesting Blog
    I quite enjoy your literary style

    Thank you for this lucid explanation of your illness. Sincerely hope your medications and internal reflections lead to some kind of mental peace.

  5. Thanks so much! One of my therapists once remarked that I had alot of insight into my illness.

  6. Paul Says :

    you,ve revealed your name in your Blog and I cant find it you should vist this forum

    jope your doing ok ive been quite busy Ciao I'll guess Sandra