Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Leap Year Day~

my heart pounds for you

i pledge my love to you, soul mate

In honor of Sadie Hawkin's Day,

I ask my soul mate now

Will You Marry Me?



i want the whole nine yards, but only if it is the real thing
my soul mate is creative and appreciates irony and enjoys my company....we are perfect for each other

hot steamy kisses

love and passion always

let's run away or swim! away together

my lover  is my soul mate

love and fidelity

enjoying exotic vacations together

soft candlelit love

i want love written in the sky for all the world to see

i will follow the right man anywhere if i truly love him

red rose of true love

elvis the attack kitty

my cat elvis is so cute and darling. he has a personality that cracks me up. he loves to attack my slippers. with a little meow! he attacks and hangs on.. i drag him along tenderly, scolding him for being naughty once again. silly cat. my cats keep me grounded or i would lose my mind. i can see where ape shit crazy comes from. the primates become so stir crazy they go insane and throw shit everywhere. i remember visiting the birmingham zoo the last time i was there, and this big hulky gorilla was sitting all alone in his enclosure. i felt so sorry for him. i could see how depressed and lonely he was. poor thing. i have often thought of him in the years since. i know well what isolation can do to a feeling thinking primate like him..and me....

i spent a miserable night last night and was sick all day long today. so stressed and sad and feeling mental. anxious. i really can't stand it anymore. i am gonna try and keep posting on my blog as i die slowly from bipolar disorder. i have decided to let it take me. maybe on another day, i will feel different, but want it to take me home lonely....i just want to hug and in love...feel safe....i woke up today with a tear soaked pillow....i have been having strange dreams and so scared i am going to get put in the hospital or i lose my place. all this pressure is just making me smoke more. i woke up stiff as a board and hung over. felt sick the whole day until i smoked some. it kills some of the physical pain i am in, and calms me some. i do get paranoid on it late late late at night....

Monday, February 27, 2012

tea time professor hawkings~

shooting stars contain granted wishes they say

climb up into the atmosphere of ur mind

we are passengers on this rotating orb

until u think differently, u miss the cues

it's all about focusing the cosmic mind to attract good from the universe

someone hears u and is what are u gonna do about it?

time is like an endless ocean

it is tiring being a part time angel...

bipolar angel of LA

glitzy angel from tinsel town

maybe we super sensitive people are just the sentinels to the next evolution of man....a stepping stone to knowledge and the stars

we just swim in time's currents....

   make it so.  

super waffle ninjas might find this ironic

hear the sounds of the universe~~what u didn't think all that space noise went un noticed? WOW vangoghfigure

it is your path if you want to take it.....or leave it....ur choice.....

golden white light of love and protection

creativity opens the mind 

7 billion and counting

pearl of wisdom

I had a splitting headache of which the future's made!