Friday, February 17, 2012

hang in there, cry baby!

sometimes i feel so emotional and miserable. irritable and hormonal, with toxins raining through out my body. circuit overload! too much reality! i retreat to somewhere inside myself for self protection. humans scoff at weakness, so i hide it.

 i have found that over the years my best friends have been animals. they don't lie or back stab and aren't morally bankrupt and sarcastic, uncaring and belligerent and just plain evil as humans can be.

 i am a flower in the desert. i am a lamb among wolves. i feel eaten alive when i go out into the world now.  i try and be more spiritual to over come. 

 i took these photos of myself crying, listening to sad music. it is odd how humans can be so deep and feeling~~writing poetry and songs, creating art, etc, and turn around and be so destructive. it is a mystery.

 i feel that as my own journey, i have to over come my baser instincts and let emotions and the universe in to heal my soul. i have bottled up a lot of rage, and now i have it coming out.

 i grew up in a family that showed no emotions, except for anger. no love or caring. i pretty much raised myself when i came to my out looks on life. i have developed my own sense of right and wrong, and i find being kind is what i am. i have issues to over come, but seeing myself as an artist and trying to change the world by kindness helps me. 

being good is godly. 

i am too sweet to have to feel like this

it is a fight within myself. i curse like a sailor most days....picked it up from working for years in bars.

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