Monday, February 20, 2012

Decorating the temple~

I wrote this on my fb page the other day~~

That thinking positive thoughts is about decorating your temple
your temple is your body
you decorate it with reverence and joy....we are part of God's temple..which is Earth...

if your temple is your body, you treat it with positive thoughts and create a more open conduit for healing your soul..

your soul is you.. your body ages and dies and it is the soul that lives on.
you can't let bad thoughts bring yo00000000000u down. that is the dark to the light. attract light to yourself with light thoughts....

i do it when i shower every day...warm, soapy shower, to wash away bad thoughts and shower light and peace and protection from God..i think i will try yoga soon....i will leave that typo above ...that was my cat elvis walking on the keyboard.....hahahahah

sometimes my cats torture me. they are such brats. drives me nuts, but they keep me grounded and make me laugh.    

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