Monday, February 20, 2012

i feel whispers of an angel's wing....

I am a diamond in the rough

nice gig~playing to baby jesus!

I Pray For My Guardian Angels to Protect Me From ALL Harm

Angels Bring Peace

~~~I want to be an angel that protects animals~~~

sometimes i say i have to ozz fest myself..and then sometimes i have to JESUS fest myself......if u r multi dimensional person, u chat meditation in gratitude....u look inside urself and know u r at one with the is not rocket science, u know!

being brought up as a kid a southern baptist, i love old gospel songs. they are the roots of rock and roll...
round robin prayer circles....singin to the sky above.....

miss my southern roots....miss my granny


  1. amen......sing to the heavens~~~~

  2. i originally had three vids playing at once, but maybe it sounds to cacophonic to most people. it sounds good to me, because i hear all the different levels of praise in the words