Wednesday, February 22, 2012

DoWn ThE RaBbiT HoLe...

oh mr caterpillar, may i have a hit from that hookah? what is that, magic mushrooms? asked alice shyly, in a sweet and tender bell like voice

Cheshire cat at night~twice the licking and it keeps on ticking..must find the white rabbit..
just follow the door mouse droppings~~

Starry Vincent Night

think magically and don't be afraid to sprinkle a little pixie dust

must eat big artist brain

rose colored vision
                                   Door of Perception

i always thought pablo had a thing for me

plant a seed of appreciation ~~ grow  and nourish love  in your the earth

daily acts of eccentricity teaches that you don't have to conform

see art in all forms of matter and creation

open your mind to other dimensions and yourself

practice lucid dreaming...remember how ephemeral life is
door mouse and smiling  cheshire kitty cat   ...tea for two

have a cuppa cha with the door mouse...stiffly holding out pinky finger~~a bit o' scone will hit the spot nicely

mad hat in the cat

i am not interested in what posers have to say now, i just sell stuff to them.... the simpsons

take a number and sit down...i am not done yet.....

creative machine head

cherish love forever

follow your heart to love

feel it all

          ~tea for two two for tea~

catch a fallin star and put it in ur pocket...

flamenco dancer

lacking croquet mallets,  alice and the queen of hearts played the genteel lawn sport with.... well, you know.....
i choose for them to use palm trees and watermelons instead, in my animal friendly version..due out this fall, folks! 

king of hearts, my cat elvis presley....he is a rising star...
cheshire laser eyes

dweedle dee and dweedle dum,

look how far now we have come....

smiling cheshire 
up a tree,

 mad hatter waiting to pour
up tea

down the rabbit hole

down is up, 
up is down
my geo's wheels
go round and round

You're on the Path now, don't veer off and go off into a ditch!

sending out love to the universe

And Love is Returned~Special signs in special skies

watch the time, the time watches you
who are you chasing? the rabbit? alice? just thinking of physics gives me a headache
what is time and space and multi dimensions?
~~imagine and it is~~
if according to einstein, time didn't exist before the Big Bang,
then it is


I think I'll  have a little Chamomile tea and chill....let Alice take over.....

ahhhhhhhhh nice bit of relaxation

don't worry, it's around here somewhere!

vincent v. g.  my bipolar hero...he saw life differently, and is now praised for it....true genius....

starry starry night.......

i believe in my dreams and myself.....
always have been..guess i always will be

view from hubble telescope.....hello out there! can any one hear me? is there anybody out there?

bipolars are super sensitive to life~tsunami of emotions

seizure inducing joker....tea with the hatter
I can't let pain from the past control me. i have to  let it all go~~i let my guardian angels do the crying for me

i choose to feel better

i want to paint the sky with stars~
i always imagine that is what i am gonna do with vincent when we meet in the great beyond

happy 11 11 posting


  1. as i was scrolling down, looking at this post, i came to the photo of vincent, and as i was reading the word in true genius....i heard jim morrison on this song say the word true at the exact same time..

    .....i wish u guys would just come out and talk to me!!! at least then i could write it all down in dictation...aka automatic writing......hahhaha

  2. hey ice if u read this..i was thinking how funny and ironic it is that i met ur friend...i went over there trying to learn how to work the computer, and now i am gonna blow him and his computer friends away! ahahhahahahh ahole. it is a lot of work formatting this thing..