Sunday, February 26, 2012

kitties piled on top as usual

spent most of the day in bed. i cry alot now..i guess that is a good thing. my cats keep me company. they are so funny. no matter where i sleep, they are right there. sleeping on top of me most of the time..i am smothered in cat friend today said she could see see yesterday that my cats love me....
if animals love me, then .......

i haven't been feeling well lately, and feel confused and tired. frustrated with always doing everything myself. tired of never having any help. i gotta move a freakin couch and am trying to think of who i can get  to help me.
this friend from the coast of tuscany pledged his undying love for me last night. how these guys say they love me when they haven't met me..i don't know about that. i don't believe anything a man says to me. too bad. i think i am worth knowing, and i can't be bothered to put up with things i find repulsive in men anymore. on the bright side, i find that posting positive affirmations have definitely helped with my depression. it is a battle of good and evil in my head every day....i have to send guardian angels in golden armor and shields to protect me in every direction...

a smidgen of each, plus a dash of hilarity

she thinks i'm funny, anyway!
My cat Tigger..he and my other cat Elvis teach each other bad habits....

i love my cats, but i stay up all night most nights, cuz i am manic....they fight and meow to get out all night....i just throw pillows at them or squirt them with water.....little cretins
they are like babies needy
i guess i am their mom..i 've had them both since they were tiny

like my pet dragon? he is good when my pilot light blows out.

much better behaved than my cats!

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