Wednesday, February 22, 2012

~seek and you will find~

part time hippy

being bipolar, you can skate between the two quite nicely

     as per the little tramp?     

who do you think you are, einstein?  hahahahah no, i concur, big egg head brain...

 ditto..major frontal lobage..messages from the light   

~me hehe~

    i am kind, loving, intelligent, caring, creative, compassionate, well read, computer literate and tuned in individual , as well as an artisan of words, music, dance, synchronicity....
the drum circles beat a tattoo of cosmic unity to  the universe
and i stand as sybil to witness 

         being creative feeds your imagination and awakens you        

i now let go of my ego that binds me, and i am now open to blessed free flow thought forms..i am now tuned into creativity 

     i see beauty and honor it...i send peace to the earth,  our mother      

    i will live in beauty and harmony with myself, and gravitate back to the east coast. this photo is of the sunrise    yesterday on ft lauderdale beach, florida.  i will post beautiful places here on earth i want to travel to or live at      

  i keep an eye on the sky for celestial events....waka waka waka pac man sun....taken from the solar observer  space ship....a partial eclipse of the sun by our moon, feb 2012 

        LA Woman      

      I ask the Universe to send me good vibrations and continued communications...I attract love and blessings and self awareness from the space time continuum.. I am powerful and strong and sensitive, and all questions will be made clear to me soon. Happiness engulfs me and shoots through my soul and co mingles with the divine.  my third eye is opened  and I align myself with the ALL Knowing....I am at One with the Universe, and grateful.  I bless this vehicle in which I reside, and I am now melding my all into the mind/body/soul configuration.  Joy abounds in my very being....
Thank you!!!!

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