Tuesday, February 21, 2012

miss kitty's purple peace prosperity~

i made this photo of myself with the web cam after coming back from seeing my psych doc and therapist. i was dressed head to toe in purple... it is a good color. lilac, lavender, violet, plum, royal purple, etc....all shades there in...i use precious fragrant oils to rub in my hands to inhale deeply....

lavender is calming..it smells heavenly as well
roman soldiers used to as an antiseptic 
it has some bug repellent properties

i make potpourri pouches and put them into my pillows to inhale the lavender scent while asleep to help bring nicer dreams...

my hands are blessed with prosperity..i attract light and love and healing in my body and soul.

i am artistic, creative, good natured and kind

i am  happy and joyful and at peace within my soul

thank you universe, for smiling my way...:o)

I attract now my beautiful purple loving sweetie soul mate....must love cats~~xx

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