Thursday, July 2, 2009

RIP Michael

 Been too ill to comment on all the celebrities dropping dead recently. Very sad Michael passed on. What a talent! He can't feel the beat anymore, and that's sad. But on the same token, the love love love love love that the world had directed at him sent him straight to heaven, amen, to be with his ex dad in law, Elvis the Pelvis , to rock out , twist and shout in the sky! yes Jesus! i feel all spiritual all of the sudden.


Michael tried to save the world with his songs~~he had a tender soul..he was misunderstood and had to live under the pressures of fame... he retreated from reality with his never never ranch....semi delusional peter pan man boy....he had deep feelings of insecurity and pain and took too many sad...but I know he is still alive is us here on Earth that have to miss out knowing him for now..... we are the ones who can't hear his songs anymore.

what is sad is what he says is so true, and not many people seem to listen....

if we kill off animals and plant life, and keep being war like, we kill off ourselves....


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