Thursday, September 15, 2011

Animal Therapy

Well, i spent yet another summer alone here in my apt. Spent another  birthday alone. I am sad today. I have gone back to self medicating every day, and wake up feeling hung over every day. I feel sick all the time, so I keep self medicating.  blah blah blah who cares...I know I mean nothing is this world.  Whatever.

Just wanted to make a comment that I have a new kitten named Elvis, and he is a little scamp. He makes me laugh when I feel miserable and alone. He and my other cat Tigger get along good. They wrestle and chase each other. Maybe my older cat Sugar that died in June sent him to me. He was all wormy and covered in fleas, so I know he is happier now, after I got his shots and got rid of his worms.  They sure made me sick, dealing with them every day.

We have another inspection here where I live next Monday. That makes 3 or maybe 4 since June. I live in Gestapo state! It stresses me out a lot. I just want happiness, and I have given up on that possibility.

At least they let us have  pets here. I can't stand my life totally alone, so my cats help me emotionally to deal with things. Elvis likes to knock over all my plants though!

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