Thursday, September 1, 2011

With God, You Are Not Alone

 I was just looking at this Christian Singles' chat room on Face Book, and saw this made me feel a bit better....I have to remember that no matter how scared or sick or depressed and hopeless I feel, God is with me......Jesus died for my  sins and loves me......gotta remember that. Remembering that makes me feel a little stronger......

Are you terrified of being alone? Does an empty house or apartment cause you to switch on the television, radio or CD player just to create some sound? Here's a truth that will take time to appreciate: The more intimate your relationship with God, the more comfortable you'll be when you're alone. That's because a person in a deep, heartfelt relationship with God interprets aloneness as solitude. Solitude is time spent alone with God. When you invite God into your life, you'll begin to sense a real, palpable presence. In the quiet, in the solitude, God will speak to you. He will do it through his Word, the Bible, or impressions or leading. You won't hear an audible voice. If you want a personal, intimate relationship with God, you have to make time to be alone with him. As that relationship grows, your aloneness will turn into solitude. You'll begin to understand that

  you are never really alone.   

boop boop be doop!

love ya

Yeah, but God, I want my mate to find me now, please. All  the pastors I listen to says to remind You, Lord, of what you promised me. That whatever I ask for from You in Jesus' name, I will receive. You know, Father, that I am lonely and sad and want love in my life. That I need someone to help me and look after me. That I want a wonderful, loving, spiritual, creative, attractive, generous, funny, adventurous, intelligent, faithful, kind man to love me and protect me and give me a lovely home to live in...maybe we could even have a kid or two.....someone that is interested my history and art and travel and science, and cross word puzzles, and classic movies and watching jeopardy to shout out answers with me. Someone who will understand my moods and hold my hand and never let go of me.....Someone I can trust with my life....Always there and caring for me....
and handsome.....and sweet. And giving and caring....and manly. Someone I feel attraction for and he returns it...Someone to make me laugh.....Please, I want to laugh and enjoy life here on Earth....

This I ask You Father God, in Jesus Christ's Name....Amen....xx

Now, Please send him Father?!! I need some help in my life. I am tired of going it alone in everything I do.....I need my mate,  Heavenly Father....thank you.

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  1. i am confident that god won't fail has been a hard road, but i have faith....