Monday, January 25, 2010

Looking For Work

As bad as I feel, I still look for work sometimes. Admittedly, I have been staying away from looking for a long time. I get so anti social I don't want to be around anyone. But recently, I applied to be a model for students in the art dept at a local college and they hired me. Now I have to decide if I am going through with it. I have to be nude!! And tomorrow I am going to take a test to see if I can get temp work with the census. I studied the test with the answer key. It is so hard to concentrate with bipolar. I look at the words and don't get it. The answer key helped me to understand what the hell they were saying. Government tests are always worded weirdly anyway. So I have to go out into the world again tomorrow. Wish me luck!


  1. Good Luck beautiful angel... I need to look for work too... I am so slow at things, I have been working on my resume for over 2 months. ugh

  2. yeah I know what u mean about the slowness. I feel like I'm swimming through treacle sometimes......a sloth is born!