Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I gotta say that I've just about given up on meeting a decent man in this town to have a real relationship with. Met this guy at Starbuck's today down by the beach. An actor. That didn't impress me, cuz they're usually out of work. This one said he was a working actor, bad he totally made me skin crawl. Ewwww! Just thinking about him gives me the creeps. I meet these men from, and so far am disappointed by what I have met up with. Some of been nice, bringing gifts and roses. Taking out to awesome and expensive restaurants. Good food, good wine. I feel nothing. They are just not my type. This guy today was obnoxious. I told him that he was mental, then said he was odd. He didn't care. He had a booger half hanging out of his nose which totallly nauseated me. I was too polite to say anything. He keep staring at my breasts and throwing little wadded up pieces of napkins down my cleavage. He even asked to see my nipple, I told him fuck u, let me see ur nut. I like to put men in their place when they're being dicks. I don't have time and patience for low lifes. I've been there, done that, not going back to that. Ewww! I'm still grossed out! I said good luck to him and took off. Loser.


  1. Hi, a long time since we've seen you in UPSD. are a bunch of scumbags. They will renew your subscription without your consent. Plus I never met anyone worthwhile there, just one woman who lied about her age and a dozen who wouldn't even answer an e-mail.

    Don't give up too quickly on the good ones... they might grow on you. :)

  2. thanks dude or dudette---wish i knew who u are!!