Thursday, April 23, 2009

My Hot Italian Virtual Lovers

I chat on with some of the hottest men on the planet--my fave bueno stupindeco, bellismisma whatever ca. Italian virtual lovers. I get dizzy looking at them. No one should be allowed to look that good and not carry a license.! haha-----Just wanted to point out to myself later that now U R Xtremely HIGH gal!! It is 5 pm. And u smoke bong hits all day every day. Just want to say---hey sandi---u a druggie?/ herbal remedy. reclusion amplified. chat taking on torture chamber in head. hate typing non stop. i want a boyfriend dammit!! a hot one!!! i am worth it. universe, listen--i am sending good vibrations to u universe. jung's collective unconcious. earth mind, billions strong. if we all over the world at the same time contemplated ridding earth's woes would just be of one mind for that moment. we could all move mountains. mother earth has lay lines and magic worlds, vortexes, why wouldn't her children not be part of her mind. hey stunning vision of that. i am fucking clear headed but high and esoteric. yeah, one mind. cosmic mind. sending out an sos to GOD at the same time the world over. maybe mother earth father god will listen if we r loud enough. ages past there were millions of sacrifices in blood to the gods. baal, even old testament god. mayans aztecs carthaginia, etc, blood sacrifice. now we can just think it into being. all one mind. all good. the animals live by air currents, inner gps, antennae, homing instincts..... why can't we? cuz our fucking mind games get in the way. the prejudice and hatred and cyber sex. haha gianni. ..haah. i killl me sometimes. ok caio.

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