Friday, April 24, 2009

This is me???

I took this really glam shots of myself and put them on my profile on tagged. com. to me it is not me at all. i am without makeup most of the time, and age is beginning the creep on my skin. deep wrinkes next to mouth and between eyes. i smooth out some with beautify tool on photobucket.

i have started a friend i met from tagged, and when we met in reality and away from virtual world, i asked him if i looked like my photos. he said i did. i find that hard to believe. i chatted with my therapist jane today. i mean, it's like i can't conceptionalize myself in 3 dimensions. i look at myself and see nothing but beauty flaws. i am an ugly/beautiful girl. one day beauty, next bad hair day egyptian mummy look. one day young, the next day hag. it is confusing.

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