Saturday, January 14, 2012

Do you ever feel so low, that you have to ask in prayer for Supernatural help?

That is what I asked my therapist Jane. That is why I say positive things on my Facebook page. I send happy thoughts to the Universe and ask for happiness to return to me. I acknowledge God and use the internet as a conduit to the Cosmic Mind we all ultimately share.

I have to get well now, because I have something to share with the world. I am special and will overcome my depression. I have no depression. It is a word. It does not exist. According to Tom Cruise~ ahhahaha just making a comment on his little statement he made to the world about mental illness.

I am happy and going to great heights and authority! Everyone loves me. I am happy happy happy happy
 God is sending me my other half. The love of my life. My husband. I will be married and living elsewhere by this time next year.

I am confident and employed in a good job that pays well. Everyone loves me and appreciates me and is kind to me.....

I will accomplish many things in my life, starting NOW!!!!!!! In Jesus' name!

Amen :))

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