Monday, January 30, 2012

What is the point?

I just can't understand what has happened to me. I have too many emotions and thoughts and fears. When I talked for the last time with my psych doc and therapist, he pretty much reamed me out for not wanting to participate in my recovery from bipolar disorder, and how I don't cooperate with medication.  I argued with him, saying that I have been on every drug there is, and none of them work. I am very tired of going around and around with him about that. He was pretty rude,  and I am glad to be rid of him. He was always lecturing me, like I was a child. What is the point of continuing taking meds when they do not work? They have bad side effects on me. So, they close my case. I have been going to that mental health clinic for ages. Since the 90s. I had a delayed reaction later on and cried. Seems like I cry a lot these days, which isn't right. I deserve love and happiness too. It is time to move on with my life and find peace. Can't stand it anymore.

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