Saturday, January 7, 2012

Happy 2012~

My first new post of the new year....I am just going to say nothing but positive things to bring the Universe to me. I am cheerful, happy person that has many many friends. I am kind and positive and interesting. I love animals and art and being creative. I have joy in my heart, and God loves me and looks after me. I am going to find a way to make good money so I can support myself and my cats. I will have a great and productive year and will meet my husband this year. My soul mate. My love of my life. My other half...he and I will have a happy, fulfilling life together, and will travel all over the world and have great adventures and see many awesome things together. Together,  he and I will do good things with our lives~helping others and animals. We will accomplish a lot together, and will be Blessed by God....

I am kind
I attract money to me. I am blessed with prosperity.
I attract a good man to me. He will be ideal for me and we will be in love and happy with each other.
I love animals.
I have many friends.
I am intelligent
I am witty
I am a great writer and traveler
I am in great health
I am very happy always
I am always creative and upbeat and esoteric
I will do God's work
I am getting married to the love of my life
I will live in a beautiful home with a nice garden
My husband and I will have a child together
My husband and I and our child will travel the world over
Everyone I meet loves me
God looks after me

I will always win in every situation that presents it self to me
God blesses me~~~~~~~~~!!
Thank you, God!

ABBA love

peace love prosperity
happiness joy

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