Thursday, April 28, 2011

I Got The Royal Blues...

So Prince William and his fiancee Kate is getting married tomorrow. It has been on the news and all over cable for weeks. I find it ironic that I watched his mom and Prince Charles get married when I was like 20 or so, and now I am watching her son get married, and I am STILL single! Still alone and lonely...makes me so sad. I have given up on ever meeting anyone special to share my life. I wish I had never come to LA. This place is the worst for meeting anyone and having a real relationship....all my friends say it too. I am going to get old and die here alone if I stay here.

I felt really sick and ill and weak this morning. Desperate and sad. I went in to get another blood test today. I went last week and I have high cholesterol. I have to start taking pills for it. Today, I had a blood test for my thyroid. I wrote on this bipolar group's board today about how I feel like I am dying and can't go on feeling like this. I'm dying by inches....

glad to see young love prevail! 

god bless!

fun wedding! dance and be joyful!

                                                        everybody in the house of love!

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