Thursday, April 21, 2011

Saw The Prez Today

I had to go get a mammogram today, and when I was driving back past Sony, the traffic was all backed up from cops being everywhere. Obama was on his way to Sony for a fundraiser. He's gonna run again for President. I live like a block from Sony, so I had to fight my way back to my building to park. They had blocked off the streets and stopped the buses running. Lots of people were out in the streets, waiting for him to drive by. Helicopters circled around and around. People walking across the street or riding bikes got yelled at by cops to GET OUT OF THE STREET!

LA cops are bad asses. You don't mess with them. Last year right next door there was a cop involved shooting of a robbery suspect. I heard the shots. Sounded like fire crackers going off. They blocked off our street all day and brought in tons LAPD cars and detectives. I could watch them from my window.

Lots of stuff goes on on the street outside. Marathoners go by a couple of times a year. A crazy lady stands out there and yells at the top of her lungs fairly often. She screams obscenities all day and night long. I live a few blocks from a fire station, so I get to hear sirens blaring at all hours. I also see lots of car crashes cuz I over look an intersection. I am like a princess looking out her tower window, watching the world go by.

I made myself go out to watch Obama's motorcade go by. I am such a hermit that it is rare I am out in the street. I half glimpsed him or his look- a- like in one of the dark tinted limos whizzing by. It was a big parade of cars with swat teams and secret service going by with him. An ambulance followed. It was kinda exciting. I have such a boring life, that I need something to perk me up sometimes.

There were picketers out in front of Sony as I was driving by. They had a big inflatable blimp thing with a big poster saying "How is the economy??", and other protestors. The fundraiser is 2500 dollars a plate. Obama is there right now. My neighbor said the postal worker told her they were gonna fly him in in a helicopter, but I didn't believe that. I have been to Sony's lot, and I didn't see any room over there for that. They said on the news it was gonna cost a billion dollars for his next campaign. I think they spent about that much before on him. Maybe if Jesus Christ had returned from above for a fundraiser I would pay 2500! Other wise, no one on earth is worth that kind of money, in my opinion.

The gap between the poor and the rich is getting wider with the economy. I am so poor I run out of money by the 10th every month. I have to get an advance from my next Social Security check every month to pay my bills. And I have to pay fees for that. Some bills don't get paid. I am in debt. I have tried to pay off my two credit cards, but I gave up. I just can't do it. My car is old and about to die, and I can't even go anywhere cuz I can't afford it.

Arnold Swartzenegger is gone from the governor's office, thank God. He took away we poor people's dental and vision. I have had a big hole in one of my teeth for 2 years, but I don't have the money to get it repaired. I need a crown on another tooth, but that is like 700 dollars. So I have a temporary filling in the tooth. The dentist said, "You know this is only temporary, don't you?" Yeah, but I don't have 700 dollars to fix it! I just pray one of my front teeth doesn't break or need a root canal.

And I can't afford to take my cats to the vet anymore or buy flea meds. My cats are my only companions, so they are like my babies. I already shop at places for bargains, and I just don't know what is gonna become of me. I stay up ruminating in dread of the day I become homeless and have to start eating out of a garbage can. I will kill myself first. I really don't feel like living anyway. Life sux and then you die...

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