Thursday, April 28, 2011

On Being Delusional~

I have been formatting my blog to give myself something to do. I remember being so intense on getting my essay, "How To Be Bipolar", on the internet, because I had a mission and a calling to get it out for everyone to read.

Now I realize I was just being bipolar and delusional. I really felt like I had to get my message out and that I was doing God's work. That I was in touch with angels and was living partly in another dimension. It is sad. I haven't been able to get anyone hardly at all to read this blog.

You know, I still get little messages though, sometimes. I am not esoteric and high on pot now, but I still get little things that occur to me from time to time to let me wonder about it.

Synchronicity.....Especially when it comes to angels. It happened yesterday when I was crying and I forget what I was doing, but I was reading something and I saw the word angel, and at the same time someone on tv said angel. Strange little moments like that....

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