Friday, May 8, 2009

kurt loves courtney

i just remembered that when paul and i were hanging out after we made love, i was sitting on my bed, and he said that in that light i looked like courtney love from hole. now, i asked if that was a good or bad thing? she is a heroin addict after all. he said i looked like her in sid and nancy, the movie with gary oldman plays sid vicious. gee thanks, i think. she was a heroin addict playing a heroin addict. or, i can take it as a compliment, cuz she was lucky to be wed to awesome kurt cobain. he was so deep and full of feeling. great songwriter. raw. coarse and screaming his pain. he wrote copiously in his journals as i have done. now i bipolar blog. i have to get it out somehow. living in my ivory tower 4 stories up from a busy intersection in my congested part of LA, i have to rant, so i come here to my blog. i let some people read it. it is very personal though. i am shy about telling the world about my personal feelings and wonder if they matter anyway.

rock climbing guy jeff is coming over sunday. and tomorrow, there is a killer classic car show here in my neighborhood. they close off two streets and there's tons of cool classic cars with beautiful paint jobs. very colorful and my kind of eye candy. plus,, they have food and a stage where bands play. had the munster mobile, and the bat mobile, and herbie the love bug last year. thousands of people, so it is better i walk there. oh yeah, i had asked paul to go to this with me. bummer. i will think of him tomorrow. he's a cool guy.

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