Tuesday, May 5, 2009

News Flash: Man Stays With Wifey

yeah, saw this coming and didn't avoid it anyway. something about me that has got to wring every last ounce of pain out of a relationship. there was none with the married lover, obviously, cuz it's over before it has even started. he decided he wanted to be with her after all, and sayanora sandi. thanks paul. thanks for the pain inflicted!! really appreciate it!! i ask him today when he so torn about what is happening in his life--well how do u feel about me paul? "feel about u? i'm married!!!" wow. no shit. thanks for clarifying that! thanks for the update! wouldn't have realized that until u pointed it out to me in ur blount and hurtful way!!! i think i mentioned that fact to u the first time u asked me out!

guess i was the piece of ass on the side to get back at wifey. she's run around on him, now it is his turn. only he doesn't want to do that-he wants to stay with her. it was him that set the ball in motion to start seeing me. he asked me out. whatever. he has karma to deal with now.

thanks for the skewers of pain, paul!! and the tears!! i feel even more miserable now cuz i felt something for u. that rarely happens for me. to feel affection for a man. so thanks for making me cry --didn't have anything better to do but go around in my galoshes and mop up tears. and ruminate suicide.

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