Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My Angel Companions

Just wanted to put this down before I forget. I really do get messages from another realm. My guardian angel? Sometimes, when I am reading something on the internet or doing something else, this synchronicity happens to me. I have been leaving on Christian programming in the background to listen to while I am on the net. So, I will be reading something, and as I reach a particular word, I hear the same word on TV. What are the odds of that happening? It happened one night with the word ANGEL. Then, like the next night, the word BUILDING, and then, JERUSELEM. Hmm....Angels building Jeruselem?

And one night, my cat Tigger jumped on the bed, and accidentally turned on my radio at the same time. I leave it on AM talk radio at night to the show Coast to Coast with George Noori. They talk alot about supernatural things and ufos. That night, they were talking about Jesus Christ. How the Muslims think he was a great prophet and other things about him.

The man that was being interviewed was talking about these codices found in Jordan, that the Jordanian government is trying to acquire so they can put them in a museum, instead of them being sold to a private collector. Supposedly, these codices tie in Jewish Kabbalah and Christ. These codices are supposed to pre-date St Paul's writings. It is supposed to prove Jesus or God is for real..I need to read up on it. I looked it up on Wikipedia, but never read the whole thing.

But it is odd that little things like that happen to me. Maybe because I am so sensitive to everything all the time. It comforts me. That someone is communicating with me to let me know God is alive and real. That Jesus did exist and was sent here to save the world.

It makes sense now that they found the codices, cuz of the world wide connection everyone has nowadays. With internet, billions are in touch all over the world. Maybe it is time for Jesus to let us know he is returning. The Earth is certainly having terrible weather and earthquakes and such. And humans have over populated the planet and are killing it and the animals. I think it is time for us to evolve now. We have to become spiritual to do that. We only use 10 per cent of our brains. We have potential to reach other dimensions of ourselves. There has got to be a reason we exist. If we are not spiritual and evolving, then what is the point of being alive??

Another good thing to say about myself~~I am evolving. Or trying to, anyway.

this is my favorite song about living in LA....

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