Wednesday, March 7, 2012

53 going on 40

these photos i took today with my web cam

i went to the opthamologist today, and was seen by a young good looking new resident. he told me immediately that i didn't look my age and that i looked 40 and asked me if i had had any "work done", meaning plastic surgery. i said no, only retin a. i could tell he liked me, but then again, what young man isn't checking all women out? they are in their prime. still, it was nice to be complimented by a 30 yr old man. my friend e and i have younger men come up to us and talk all the time.
hey if a hundred yr old woman can get married in full wedding gear the other day, god bless, there is still  hope for me yet!

they put drops in my eyes to dilate them, and i looked like i had a couple hit of window pane. hahahaha my eyes are so sensitive, and i had to look straight into glaring bright light, which he shone directly into my eyes....i told him that it was like looking up into heaven....the bright blinding light......i had to walk home practically blind, with dark glasses and hat shielding me.

i feel weak and tired and ill. i have told numerous friends i feel like i am dying. it is my death wish coming to fruition. i will continue to post until i get well or die trying.

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