Monday, March 12, 2012

lead on, mac duff!

well i looked up iberians on wiki and feel all confused. but i did see my answer castille was in it i noticed! i am vindicated! hahahah i have conversations in my mind with smart people like alex or tom in davinci code or van gogh or jim. i realized today something that kinda scared and freaked me out. that maybe jim really did come to me....i know it sounds strange. but i am a sensitive and maybe one day he was drawn to me. i remember making a crossword puzzle all about him one day while i was bored at work. i have it somewhere, i hope. maybe he noticed me back then. and like i said before i have been drawn to him for a long time as well...but while i was taking a shower today or last night i am lost in day and night now.....really light and dark.....

someone let me off this ill and sick and tired of being sick and tired

i just realized today when i re read that comment i made on one of my last postings that i thought i saw a lizard on my wall......i got scared and vunerable in my shower,....i have to send white lights to protect me. and peep out from the curtain and talk to the bad thoughts......god loves me god sends me white golden angels to protect i am saying it right to whatever has spooked me......i am spooking myself just thinking of it....i wish someone could understand what i go through....

oopsssss back to the iberians. i couldn't keep up with all the history , but right at the very end i noticed it saying something about they had only two languages coming out of that region and others stayed hell i don't know what it means i am typing with one eye closed really.....i can't see very well now....need a break.....u go figure it out, mr dan brown big brain man......we are on a road to nowhere~~would u like to come along and help me sing this song...... baby it's alright......we can dance if we wannooooooooo!

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