Monday, March 12, 2012

still awake still here

early early morning time like this, i get paranoid and scared. my cats start acting weird too. elvis was very intently watching something invisible from his perch high on my book shelf. he was trying to jump down to see whatever it was moving...and i said, elvis,  no baby, don't jump from way up there! and he turned around and took the other way down, via the tv and chair i leave there to climb on. he ran around and was chasing something.....something invisible to me...eeeeeeeeee!

eh maybe his keen eyes saw a tiny fruit fly.....i had some in the garbage today from when i cut up veggies yesterday. it was revolting.....tiny little icky flies gross......

but i get an eerie feeling when it is late night and i am thinking strange thoughts. and my cats are watching me dance around them...i hear strange things at night.....once it gets daylight and people are moving around, i feel a little bit safer.....i get frightened.....

my golden beautiful guardian angel watches over me

i have nothing to fear but fear itself!!!!!!

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