Friday, March 2, 2012

dj katzenberger, signing out!

wow cold glass of iced coca cola....just took a swig....yum. i picked up too much snack food today, and paid off my couch. i have been paying on it for 6 months now. took me 6 months to come up with 300 dollars. i used to make that in one night when i was dancing. the value of a dollar was totally lost on me then.

i brought freezer bags full of one dollar bills home when i didn't feel like cashing out at the end of the night. my mama visited me once, and was pulling out bags of money from everywhere, taking it all out to count....youth really is wasted on the young. what i would love to do with that money now!! buy a home and not be scared anymore. all the thousands of dollars i have wasted on clothes or crap i didn't need.....oh well..lesson learned...

..i am paying the piper f king poor, it is unbearable. i am considering going back into the dating world now, just because i am now dead serious that it is a life or death struggle trying to live alone with bipolar disorder. i have no mate to help me even with the smallest thing.

i have a hurt hand now, and it is very big hard hit on reality when i can't do things for myself anymore. these ladies had to move my shopping cart for me when i got it stuck in a narrow aisle tonight...i feel feeble and helpless at times...and i am a very independent person, so it is depressing me. i need some human love in my life. all i have is my cats to keep me wonder i am losing it...i really am....oh least i am cognizant of it....

i get so irritable when the cats start wrestling and hissing, i feel like i am gonna come unglued.....or they cry non stop to go outside.....then they go out and cry at the neighbor's door until he lets them in.....meow. meow. meow. meow , meow, meow, shut up tigger....meow meow , meow, meow. meow. MEOW MEOW SHUT UP TIGGER! You are not going out again!  Meow? Meow! meow...meow? MEOW? MEOW!

on and single mothers do it, i can't fathom...i go round the bend from a cat crying at me~

ahhahahahaha little shits.....i throw pillows at them or squirt them with water. elvis is the most curious cat i have ever had. he is right under me, whatever i am doing. he is like watching a year old baby that can jump 8 feet.....he has caused numerous CAT astrophes.....hahah i just made that up....

elvis is comical, cuz he has a really cute funny and white with white whiskers that stand out against his sleek and shiny black coat....he is an acrobat and is a star. he needs an agent....hahhaha i told my friend that she could come along and be his entourage and do his wardobe. a bow tie....haahahahahahaha

he is very dapper looking and muscular...young elvis presley in his prime.....cept he aint go no balls.....hahahahahaha

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