Tuesday, March 13, 2012

beware the ides of march~

get a clue tiny brains ahahhahaha einstein rocks!

hahahahah cheshire kitty cat dude mad hatter hahahhaha
 get me outta here!!!!!hahahhah

leo...king of the jungle
lion of Judah
nice kitty
here kitty kitty

this is so trippy~i just scan through all my hundreds of photos and post stuff and add stream of consciousness post~ its

i just looked up ides of march.....it means when it is full moon...bad moon on the rise....theres a bad mooon on the rise

i knew that Caesar's wife told him she dreamt he was gonna be murdered, so she was tuned in that day!

do men ever listen to women?

NO!!!!!!!!! hahhahahahahaha

et tu brut?
think logically like yoda, the 4 eared alien cat
heam i mad as a march hare? am i sprung? spring has sprung ....mating season, the tides are changing.. mercury is in retro grade....full moon ...i told one of my neighbors just now that it is driving everyone in this building insane. they are all talking to me about how they can't take life anymore. they come crying to me. i am mother earth...i try and heal them and me......this is real...i don't know what it is....it is driving everyone crazy.....that sniper....omgoshhh. mommy......my cats are driving me crazy too and the winds that howl around this building and the traffic noise at rush hour.......it is doing my head in. it is doing all of our heads in! i feel like there is gonna be a big KABOOM.......hello!!!!!!!!kitty i work on this blog for hours and destroy my hips and neck..i look like an old bent lady......

                                                                            nuclear hot potato

warm, warm, your getting hotter....oh you are on fire!! hot potato! 

whose trigger finger's twitchin'?

let's be logical about this mr spock

scary and fascinating and SCARY

This may be a tricky day, but if you're smart -- and, really, no one could ever say you weren't -- it will all work out just fine. Your main quest is to stay calm, even if you're baited. Remember to think logically.
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celestial spheres are chiming

~celestial spheres are chiming~

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