Sunday, March 4, 2012

it perpetuates over time

sugar angel to the rescue

catastrophic cyber attack.....

saw that on 60 mins tonight. they are talking about how all this is gonna happen. it is a matter of time before the shit hits the fan with all the stuff going on in the middle east. wake up people.

israel is contemplating a preemptive strike on iran
today our president is in talks with israel's prez

humans can go on ignoring the warning signs

humans are the most brutal, selfish, obstinate, evil species on our planet
we are also 
brilliant, creative, amazing, hilarious
i want to please god
and find my life lessons
of the 


we have to protect the planet and its creatures. 
we have to put everything in balance

i am tired of saying it. humans are smart enough to realize this. 
shit or get off the pot, people!
evolve or die off!

i really don't care anymore.
so what? who cares.
i hate humans anyway
i have been hurt a million times by humans

animals deserve their home back

it is their planet too, you know!

maybe if we are all nuked back to the stone age, or worse, someone will remember to turn the lights out

on this experiment gone wrong

animals have deep feelings and a child's trust and forgiveness

~animals are loving and kind~

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