Saturday, March 10, 2012

don't mess with a gal that has pms!!

sometimes i really think i am being tested. either that, or this life is so miserable it is not worth it.

i just had one friend call and bitch for 35 mins about her life. i don't like hearing all this bitching. i am trying to make dinner, but i listen anyway. then, i call my other friend to see if she wants some of the dinner i made. i hadn't heard from her in a few days, so i called to see if she was ok and if she was hungry....she launched into a big scene about her problems, and we were yelling at each other and i hung up on her. she came upstairs and we got into up here. i told her i am done with all the crazy bitches that live in this building, and how i always get all their problems dumped on me....i said to her~~do i come to ur place to bitch about my life? do i pursue u to argue with me? NO!! go home!! go home now!

i have a temper like a bottle rocket, and am good with the words.....whenever someone picks on me, i am like a tasmanian devil, defending myself and telling them off. my brother used to call me a wild cat, and an ex called me taz.....hahaa hey i just stick up for myself. if i had big muscles i would be kicking ass and taking names! walkin tall with a big stick.

anyway, my friend came back up again and we finally resolved whatever it is she is crying over  and i sent her home with some chinese dumplings, rice  and veggies stir fry i made.

i hunted through my frig for some chocolate, to make myself feel better. i could use a shot of liquor! damn i just want peace in my life. and some happiness! i'm not a greedy woman. i don't go date rich men. i just want a decent life like everyone in america.

ok, my monthly explosion is over. i wish men could go through some of the hormonal shit we women go through. if they had to have babies and do everything women do, they would go run like whipped puppies back to their mamas! women are much stronger than men. i am, anyway. and i get insulted when men imply i am a weak woman. i will kick all of their asses!!!!!!!!!!!

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