Thursday, March 1, 2012

damsel in distress sos sos soso sosososososososososo so

what is strange is i think my soul mate is gonna read this, but he is gonna deny me because of fear. because he doesn't understand me. that is too bad, but i have to believe he will try and understand me before letting me go....i am not going to pursue a man..i have issues with rejection...if i don't feel loved enough, i bail is how a stomped puppy would act....i want love but i have no trust.....don't want any more big waffle stomps on my forehead anymore....
my friend e gave me a couple of cute drink coasters  made of foam, which tigger promptly tried to eat.
i saved them....

what am i? a flypaper for freaks?

and another

we are not alone. or we are. either way the thought is staggering 

sage wisdom from the coasters....

i have to go hide them again so tigger doesn't eat them....

my soul mate is coming for me and i feel it....i just have to let him know that he should love and think of me as a butterfly...delicate ...i fly flutter away if mistreated~~

pretty painted ponies...i took this at santa monica pier ....i like whimsy

my lover has to feel empathy for nature's brethren

purple love

my favorite rose soul mate would know that

my lover has to appreciate art in all forms, and be creative himself

 angel greetings from the city of angels

when i am in love, i will kiss your face off

i want passionate love

love is a like a wild rose~~beautiful, but can draw blood ....stop and smell the roses on your path

love is like flying high in paree....
so i only accept good men in my life exes try to keep coming back into my life. i am done with being treated bad and taken advantage of, so i refuse to have anything to do with them. i deserve better. i am alone, but i chose it. now it is time for my lifetime lover to find me.....i am loyal funny kind sweet and try and keep u fed! .......only, you have to love me for myself....i have far away thoughts and fears....i need help and love and caring.....i need to heal and be whole .....if u think i am worth it, let me know, soul think about it....xxxxx

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