Monday, March 12, 2012

i am so so so sorry!!!

i am listening about the american sniper that went on a massacre, killing afghans.....our soldiers are going insane, trying to keep the peace and being hated and reviled. they are losing their minds and killing their families or innocent strangers they never met. it is so sad.

i am an american. i cannot stand these talking heads yakking about the presidential mud sling.....the gas prices, the endless blah blah blah.........they are all full of shit!!!! they give obama hell, and why is it all his fault? cuz he is a democrat and not a fat cat corporation?

 u know, i am not a politico at all. not in any way. i don't really follow it...i tend to read about historical presidencies....but i watch the nightly news and try to stay online and be informed. i make my silly comments on yahoo news. hahahaha my tiny secret voice. yeah i am a guilty american...i will say my shame later.

but please!!!!!!! please listen!!

i am sorry my afghan friends, for my fellow american doing such a horror to you and your children. i know it means nothing to you. i am no one. but i am so sorry and please know there are people in this world that are crying over your loss. i know it hurts you so much. i am so sorrry!!!!!!!!!

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