Monday, March 12, 2012

welcome my friends, welcome

wow just found the stats thing on this blog, and someone is actually reading this stuff i write. i was pretty convinced no one but this young gay guy a couple of yrs ago read it. not many has read it, but hey, whatever.....hahahhaha i am a little fish in a big pond, and splash my tail and make tiny ripples

i do humbly apologize to anyone reading this blog if i use any kind of language that offends u, whoever u are. i am just trying to write down my feelings as they happen to me. i am a good person and do not want to hurt any one's sensibilities or feelings....that being said...

happy anniversary to me. i realized about an hour ago that it has been 3 yrs since i joined tagged and made my nice online friends. i've had to deal with pervs, but i think i got them weeded out for now....even if i never go out, i still need some kind of human outlet. being a recluse and bipolar is hard, god knows!!!! they don't know though. i just didn't tell more than a few.....

i need inner peace in my life
 i have to have some kind of connection to the world in my own convoluted way.....maybe i will go lie down now.....i stay up for days

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